Book Review – This is Where I Leave You

Book: This is Where I Leave You

Author: Jonathan Young

I am going to be real with you: I did NOT care for this book. With that in mind, this post will be short and not-so-sweet.

This book was needlessly graphic, unfunny, and left me uncaring. Why is it listed as humor? I laughed maybe once during this book.

It took me forever (for me, anyway) to get through this book. Young’s writing was unexpectedly graphic in places and felt contrived and gratuitous. I suppose they were there (in the beginning) to help you empathize with the main character, but I found I did not care. I could not get on board with this story of a family sitting Shiva for their patriarch (who was the father of the main character). Don’t get me wrong: my siblings and I are all adults (well…the youngest isn’t yet 21. Does 20 count as an actual adult?) and driving their big sister crazy feels to me like it’s still a full-time job for them. At a high level, from the perspective of the sibling relationships, I related. But the level of crazy of and between the siblings and the mother was…scary.

I even watched the movie to see if it was any better, but it wasn’t really. This surprised me because it had some funny people in it (Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, etc.). The best part was probably when the sister punched a guy in defense of her brother. As a big sister, I can tell you that if you mess with my brothers I will turn from sweet, nice woman into full momma bear mode in seconds. Other than that one part, the movie was as forgettable as the book.

Not recommending this book to you is the best thing I could possibly do. Don’t read this book. If you need a recommendation, let me know. I can recommend a humorous book much better than this one. Mindy Kaling’s writing and humor are much more on my level and I would recommend her books over This is Where I Leave You any day.

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